Geeb is a true professional a guy who “has been there and done it.” He can play guitar in the style of Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix, or B.B. King, then pick up a violin and play Bach, bluegrass, and country fiddle, or Gypsy Jazz and Swingtremendous versatility. He’s also a wonderful communicator who can show you how to do it, too.

Bellingham is fortunate to have such a storehouse of knowledge and experience. If you get the opportunity to study with him, don’t pass it up. You’ll never find another teacher who cares more about your progress than him.

—Steve Smith

I started lessons with Geeb when I was a little kid, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. He is a fantastic teacher and has helped me to learn a skill I will enjoy my entire life. He is an expert at the ins and outs of guitar playing and he can make any challenging song playablewith practice, of course. I’ve had many great years learning from him and know that that I’ve grown musically because of his guidance. If you want to study guitar there is no one better to teach youand make you laugh at the same time.

—Nesta Isakovic

Geeb is a very patient, kind, interesting and astute teacher. From my five years of experience with him, I can say that I greatly enjoyed that time. He takes the time to get to know you on a personal level during lessons and gears them toward you. He’s knowledgeable on many instruments and he is a great guy to talk and spend time with, because he cares about what you want to do and learn. He’s very skilled in a variety of styles of playing, and he is extremely generous in showing you anything he knows. He’s great – get with him if you can.

—Mitch Catey

As a teacher, Geeb has been a perfect fit for our boys. After a few lessons they were playing simple songs and making real music! Geeb is able to make it challenging and fun, and they look forward to lessons every week. We love seeing their growth, and we recommend Geeb to anyone wanting to learn and have fun at the same time.

—Jeff & Mary Kalsbeek

I’ve been studying with Geeb for almost six years, and in this time I’ve gone from simple strumming of chords to fingerstyle guitar, more advanced chords and rhythms, and vocal accompanyment guitar as well. We’ve covered a variety of music, from country to jazz standards, to contemporary songs. He’s a terrific teacher, and he has guided me and helped me to build my confidence as a musician and performer. You’ll love taking lessons form him!

—Alyssa Lane

Our family has benefited in so many ways through Geeb’s extraordinary abilities in teaching. We have had the privilege to experience his expertise on more than one instrument … and it never ceases to amaze me at his knowledge and his ability to inspire my kids to greater and greater skill on their chosen instruments. We love Western, Old Time, Irish and Gospel and have broadened our understanding in playing Swing, and Jazz. I know that Geeb has other strengths even into the classical end of things. But whatever goals my four children have had Geeb has had not only the skills but the ability to challenge each one to do their best and work their hardest.

We have had the joy of watching a very quiet child who never talked to anyone (including Geeb) open up to him and not only interact with him, but opened doors to where she would play publicly, talk to people, sing and play on the street, play for special events and participate in contests. His way with the kids always motivated them to take what Geeb said and show him they could “do it”. He has a wonderful way with kids and mine have a huge respect for him. In fact when many kids get tired of taking lessons my children can’t wait for the next lesson and they hate to miss a week. Anyone asks them about their skills on guitar or fiddle and they are ready to say that Geeb is the best in the Northwest. He can mix in theory and make sure there is progress and yet allows his students to express their own creativity and shoots for the student’s goal and desire. But he has also shown skill in inspiring my kids to try music they didn’t think they liked or wanted to do. Questionable waltzes that were sneered at became favorites … making my children capable of being well rounded in skill and able to play more requests from the audience bringing delight to young and old through their playing.

Geeb also is gifted with adults as well. My husband as well as adult friends we have encouraged to try their hand with an instrument find him an excellent choice. We know students of Geeb’s that are in their 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50’s and even one in their 80’s who are thrilled with his abilities as a teacher. Those we know who have learned bass or fiddle or guitar from Geeb comment how he makes you feel so comfortable in what you are doing. For us older folks getting fingers that are a bit more tight and arthritic, he helps find ways to make things work. That inspires anyone to keep working toward their dreams. He has a heart to pass on music and skills to anyone who has a secret desire to play an instrument.

Many folks tell us that changing teachers often keep your kids moving to higher levels. We feel so fortunate, Geeb is so well rounded and his expertise has caused people who hear my kids play scratch their heads at my kids’ abilities and wonder who their teacher is. Geeb continues to have the skill and knowledge to provide for beginner and very advanced students as well. We feel WE are blessed to have this caliber of teacher up here in Bellingham. We highly recommend him as a teacher and mentor! In our book HE IS THE BEST in the NW!

—Debbie Stixrud